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Rare Rose

Rare Rose by Donnie and Shandia Little, our first release as coauthors. This is a work in progress. We will give updates. Meanwhile, we are writing and preparing to give birth at the appointed time.

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Quality Time with Little Bee

Journey through the pages of this beautifully illustrated children's book and see how quality time spent with children can greatly enhance positive behavior.

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Creatively Me 

I designed this coloring book so mothers and daughters could share priceless moments together while pretending to dress up and attend make-believe international tea parties. Each page including the cover is hand-drawn with a twist of imperfection by me, Shandia Little. My drawings are uniquely flawed originals design to encourage each person to embrace their beauty ...

To purchase an autographed copy of this book title, send $10.00
directly to author.     salittleus@yahoo.com  

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Punkin Bee's PIGTAILS

Each one of our early morning pigtail battles was a labor of love. At the time, I did not know, the impact our mother and daughter hairdo sessions were imprinting upon our hearts. The countless hours, Punkin and I shared bonding, chatting and laughing, while doing her long tangled hair were some of our best mother and daughter moments! Some of which, I will cheerish a lifetime!

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I Can Do it All By Myself

Do you know what it feels like to have a toddler flip out for no apparent reason? A toddler whose attitude can go from 0-99 in a matter of seconds! Our son, Kevin, was one of those toddlers who needed to have his needs met immediately or he would cry, scream, and perform a Tasmanian dance.


Red Glasses 

When my biological clock struck 50, I was not ready for all of the physical, mental, and spiritual changes. I wanted my biological clock to stop ticking and stand still on 49 for another 10 years! Oh yeah like that was going to happen! If you are a female anywhere near 50 years old, most like, you can understand my menopausal R.E.D zone ideology... Visit salittleus@yahoo.com to order your authographed copies.

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